Install Instructions

Constructed from treated and natural durability timbers our modular decking system is the perfect addition to any outdoor open space. Prefabricated and easy to assemble this D.I.Y. system makes you the architect and the builder!

This modular deck does not effect the existing property surfaces at all and can be packed up and moved to the next rental.

Modular Decking Instructions

Modular Decking Instructions

Product Information Guide

Product Information Guide

Product Detail and Specification

Product Detail and Specification

Only 5 Steps to build


Choose the size of your decking.

Measure the height and the size of your deck.


Assemble your Base Frames.

Base Frames are available in 90mm(Domestic use) or 140mm(Domestic and Commercial).


Set your heights and join Base Frames.

Select your support components from the instructions.


Choose the base frames and deck panels to suit the size deck required.

Add an upper or lower step/level using more modules.


Clad and install your Decking.

Install your decking and conceal the supports of your deck.